3D Visuals – Artist Impressions

3D or CGI is our core, we can visualize everything that isn’t build yet, our work ranges from  Architectural Presentations, Interior, Exterior, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Product Design.

CGI based product visualizations will bring your products to a new engaging level.

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3D Animations –  Motion Graphics

When a 3D model is created, movement or animation can be added. Animation inside the animation can be added like people walking or cars driving.

This will enhance your 3D world immensely.Motion graphics, special effects and full video productions are some of our specialties.

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3D Real Time Visualisation

Interactive walkthroughs or game-like experiences. For virtual reality or augmented reality.

These can be used on a computer, mobile device or with dedicated goggles.

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Interactive Web – Interactive content

Our websites are fully interactive,  SEO compliant,social media connected, HTML5 or WordPress.

We can build your website from start to finish, we can do the graphic design, the interaction design and the actual building of the site.

Our sites are easy to maintain, by us or by you.

Our specialties are interactive web-apps, serious games and immersive online experiences.

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Apps – Business apps and Serious gaming.

Game apps, Business apps, Serious gaming apps, interactive storybooks and apps for children, fun and educational.

If you have a great idea for an app we can build it for you, we use cross-platform tools to shorten development and lower development costs.

We can do the graphic design, the interaction design, storyboard, sounds, voice and music.

We can submit the apps for you and get you going with your app marketing.

Several of our in-house developed apps are steady sellers in more then 55 countries and have received numerous awards.

OCG Studios is our sister site for our own apps.

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